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Happy New Year - 06/01/2017

Firstly I would like to start by wishing all of our customers old and new a very happy and prosperous 2017.

At the start of every year most of us tend to make some sort of resolution to try and change or enhance a particular aspect of our lives. For many of us this seems to revolve around our health and fitness and a determination to bring about a level of improvement.

Swimming in UK schools - 14/11/2016

The National Curriculum states that “all schools must provide swimming instruction either in key stage 1 or key stage 2. In particular, pupils should be taught to:

Buyers Beware! – Choose Your Goggles Supplier Carefully - 12/10/2016

In the 5 years that Goggleyed has been in business we have always attempted to provide a personal service that ensures our customers receive prescription swimming goggles that are suitable for them in terms of visual correction and that also makes us available to offer both advice and an after-sales service if needed.

Swimming With Prescription Swimming Goggles - 06/11/2015

Fitness and wellbeing are hot topics with lots of media attention on how we should all be leading healthy and active lifestyles. However hectic work schedules and family commitments mean that it is not always easy to sustain a good balance but swimming is a healthy activity for all age groups that can be slotted in to most schedules. It can be a fun time for all the family to enjoy, it can be a tranquil time to unwind and relax, or for the more exercise conscious it can provide a comprehensive workout.

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